Cycles and Resolutions

Another year comes to a close.  New beginnings abound.  Especially at the start of winter in Vermont when it is so often cold and dark, it’s a time for reflection,  wrapping up projects and thinking ahead.  I’m taking stock of all I’ve accomplished in the past year and thinking about my goals for the coming year.  

In my pottery business, I am always intending to write more blog posts and to be more active on social media.  These things don’t come naturally to me. It is one thing to be a maker (form pieces from clay, glaze it, fire it, photograph it, box it up, and ship it);  it is another thing to write about it and tell the story.

I feel pretty passionate about my work and running my own business from home. I was able to turn a favorite hobby into something that sustains me and brings joy to others. 

So my resolution for the new cycle is to share more about what I do and how I got to this point.  Just saying that makes my heart race.



I’m not a skier or a runner. I’m just a walker, slow and steady like the turtle, almost every day. There is no race, just the moment, filled with air, crisp and clear in the winter, sultry and thick in the summer.



winter trail


It’s a magical, quiet, peaceful, restorative, meditative, yet often social haven that I come to. These well loved, spacious and preserved trails in my neighborhood, are cared for by a trust that understands the need for such places. Lucky I am to live near this place. Funny, but I went infrequently before I got a dog nearly six years ago. Now it is a daily inspiration for body, soul, and for my clay work.




ivyThank you to my dog, Ivy, for teaching me about daily walks. Thank you to the visionaries who protected the lands and those who continue to care for them.  And thank you to all of the plants, trees, birds, animals, fungus, and all of the other life forms for just being there to witness through the cycles of weather and seasons.




view with shadows