Winter Studio Down Under

Every winter I have to close my studio because the little red barn is difficult to keep heated 24/7.  When the temperatures drop I carry all of the clay and glazes into the protection of my basement for the coldest months of the year.  In former years I used the winter time to take a forced break from my clay work.

Last winter I decided that instead of taking a break from my work during the winter that I would set up shop down under.  I did, it was cold, it was poorly lit, but I was productive and I created a new line of work.

When we purchased the farmhouse, the basement had a dirt floor with little head room, but some years ago my husband dug it out (literally) and we had a concrete floor poured. The basement has a stone foundation that is over 200 years old, there are hardly any windows, and the ceiling is still pretty low.

Winter studio in the basement of our 200+ year old farmhouse. Notice the stone foundation.

*Winter studio in the basement of our 200+-year-old farmhouse. Notice the stone foundation.

Fast forward to this winter. I told myself that this year I really was going to take a break, and that I was not going to subject myself to the cold damp and dark work environment. Then I received a custom order that I really wanted to make. So here I am, back in the basement. And I am happy.  In fact I can’t even imagine if there was no clay in my hands!

Winter as it turns out is a great time to make pottery.  The busy days of the holiday season are behind me.  The garden is not calling.  Life is fairly low key.  I am grateful for my basement.


*Pottery and a wall of shipping boxes surround the ping pong table.

Clay camp tables and shelves come out of storage for the winter studio.

*Clay camp tables and shelves come out of storage and are recycled for the winter studio.



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